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Kata (n.):

1. any form, routine, or pattern of behavior that is practiced to various levels of mastery.

2. a way to keep two things in sync or harmony with one another.

Tarakata Films is a DC-based independent production company dedicated to producing affecting, character driven, and often quirky films.

We also specialize in promotional videos and personal documentaries, as well as weddings and other special events. We focus on what makes you special, letting your unique story shine through.


Most other production companies are chasing the “big fish” – gov’t contracts, national chains, and the like. We want to work with the “little guy” – local businesses and non-profit organizations who couldn’t normally access this kind of advertising.


We all want to preserve our family's stories, pass on the memories from one generation to the next. What better way to do that than by creating a video? We can incorporate home video, photos, and other documents into interviews with your family members, creating a keepsake that your children and grandchildren (and theirs) will treasure.


We will document your special day with artistic flair, always putting you first. Whatever your style, we'll create your video to match. No cookie cutters here! Your event video will be custom-tailored to reflect your unique personality.

For more information on rates and how we can help you tell your story, please contact us at tarakatafilms@gmail.com or 240-397-9391.